Traders on Decentralized Exchanges



Copy only real trades from the blockchain

Unlike centralized exchanges, where you cannot view the REAL statistics of traders, on decentralized exchanges (such as GMX) you see ABSOLUTELY all trader statistics, there is no need to trust unverified data.

how it works

Start copying trades
with minimal investments


Choose a trader

You select successful traders whose strategies you want to copy, based on their profit percentage and trade history.


Set your budget

You determine your budget and the percentage of your deposit that will participate in trades.


Allow copying

You grant permission for our auto trade-copying service to trade on your behalf.


Full control

Your funds always remain in your wallet, and only you have access to them.

Openness and transparency

Decentralized exchanges operating on blockchain technology are characterized by openness and transparency. All information about trades, orders, and trading history is available for verification and auditing in the blockchain. This creates a more transparent environment for traders and investors, where they can verify and confirm trades and trading results.


The platform supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs


All data about you is stored in an anonymized format, with authorization through Metamask.

Copying 24/7

Copying occurs automatically, which is convenient if you are located in different time zones from the trader.


We do not store funds ourselves. Money is in your wallet or on a smart contract.

User-friendly interface

An intuitive design ensures ease of use even for beginners in the cryptocurrency and trading sphere.

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