Auto-Copying Trades on the
Decentralized GMX


How it works

DEXHUB tracks all operations taking place on the GMX exchange through the official API.

Calculates trade input parameters, encodes them, and sends transactions.

Interaction with GMX is facilitated through smart contracts. All funds remain in your wallet.

How to Connect


Activate your Metamask and choose the network AVAX or Arbitrum


Create an account under which trading will be conducted


Follow to a trader by evaluating their statistics


Specify the USDC amount and initiate trade copying


We recommend starting with a deposit of at least $100. The DexHub contract will copy the trader’s trades proportionally to their portfolio. The minimum amount to open a trade is 5 USDC.

Only the amount you have granted permission for copying is applied, in a 1:1 proportion to the trader’s amount.

GMX charges a fee of 0.1% of the position in USDC. Additionally, there is a trade opening fee of 0.07 AVAX on the Avalanche network and 0.00049 Eth on Arbitrum.

No, all funds will be held in your wallet.

Copy trades of professionals

Our platform offers unique opportunities for successful trading and investing in financial markets.